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I can build the AOSP Stock keyboard (LatinIME) from source available here but gesture typing does not seem to work. Some sources tell me that gesture typing is not a part of AOSP as it is proprietary to Google. Is it true?

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Yes it is true. The default LatinIME does not even have a modern dictionary.

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in the first source link you shared, it actually mentioned how to make it works.

BUT! There is a way! You can drop in replace the lib from "LatinImeGoogle.apk" into your system/lib and you will have your gesture decoder!

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Thank you for your response. And yes I know that I can have gesture typing work by copying the lib from Google's APK but still it is not open source and I cannot include it to my fork of LatinIME. –  Hoang Huynh Apr 25 '14 at 14:44

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