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I have 3 devices (I call them device A,B, and C)and I want to connect them in a group. I can do one-to-one connection now and it works fine.

However, while I am trying to connect the third device, the connection between the other two devices fails. For example, first I connect A and B. After negotiation, A becomes the group owner. Now everything alright. Then I try to connect A and C. The accept message prompt successfully on C, but "most of the time" the connection fail, and A and B also disconnect.

Why I say "most of the time" because it really works, although the probability is very low (< 10%).

Anyone happen to know why this happen?

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Once A is a group owner, it can't initiate any more connections. The connection has to be initiated by the device outside the group.

When you try to connect using wifi-direct, you're setting up a wifi network with the group owner as the access point. If you try to connect again, you're going to be trying to set up a new wifi network, which will force you to leave the old one.

Short version: Each device can only connect once.

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But I tried using the device outside the group to connect the group owner and the connection between A and B still broke up – Tim Lin Sep 27 '13 at 5:54
@TimLin, when starting connection with WiFiP2pManager.connect, you pass WifiP2pConfig to it. One of the fields is groupOwnerIntent. You possibly should make sure you set it to 15 for current group owner and to 0 for new connecting client. I'm not sure how Android chooses group owner without this field, but if both devices are somehow treated as both equally legitimate to become/remain group owner, they could break connection. – Stan Oct 25 '13 at 12:29

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