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I have an MFC application with CWebBrowser embedded. I wanna post data when navigating to the specified web . With some investigation around internet, I get to know one argument of the Navigate method aims to pass it. But I try it out several times and always fail. The post data is not carried in the data traffic(Yes. I capture the data and check it) after navigate method is invoked. I also check the post parameter of the before2Navigate calback and it's empty ..

Here is my snippet .

void PostData(LPCTSTR URL , LPCTSTR pPostData = NULL ) {
        _variant_t  flags(0L,VT_I4);
        _variant_t  target_frame_name("");
        _variant_t  post_data(!pPostData  ? _T("") : pPostData) ;  

        _variant_t  headers("Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded\r\n") ;
        this->Navigate(URL ,&flags,
            &headers) ;     

Please help me out . Thanks a lot.

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I have found out the reason, that's caused by the incorrect type of PostData. Construction of PostData ,as mentioned in my code, makes VT_BSTR VARIANT while the correct one is VT_ARRAY | VT_UI1

Here is the link for your reference hope it's helpful to you.


One thing needs to be noted that the example of VS might has an defect and can not be used in unicode

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