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I have a survey form with the following data hierarchy

survey -< surveyQuestions -< surveyQuestionOptions

I use updateModel to update the Survey entity in my save method which works fine for survey and surveyQuestions, however surveyQuestionOptions appear updated when I examine the updateSurvey variable in debugger but after I call SubmitChanges I get new surveyQuestionOption records instead of updates. My code is as follows


 <%= Html.TextBox("Survey.Id", Model.Id)%>
 <%= Html.TextBox("Survey.SurveyName", Model. SurveyName)%>

 <%= Html.TextBox("Survey.SurveyQuestions[0].Id", Model.Id)%>
 <%= Html.TextBox("Survey.SurveyQuestions[0].Question", Model. Question)%>

 <%= Html.TextBox("Survey.SurveyQuestions[0].SurveyQuestionOptions[0].Id", Model.Id)%>
 <%= Html.TextBox("Survey.SurveyQuestions[0].SurveyQuestionOptions[0].Option", Model. Option)%>


        public ActionResult Save(int? id, IList<ChannelForm> channelForms, FormCollection fc)

            Survey updateSurvey = new Survey();

            //if this is an existing Surveyretrieve that record from the database ready for updating
            if (id != 0)
                updateSurvey = surveynRepository.GetSingle(Convert.ToInt32(id));

                // updateSurvey and all child elements
                UpdateModel(updateSurvey, "Survey");
return View();
{return View();}


Any help is appreciated

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I would like an answer to this also. – Peter Hedberg Dec 23 '10 at 0:02
 Survey updateSurvey;

 if (id == 0)
     updateSurvey = new Survey();
     updateSurvey = surveyRepository.GetSingle(Convert.ToInt32(id));
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yes I could do that but it doesn't solve my problem. My Survey and SurveyQuestions are all working properly, its only the SurveyQuestionOptions where it always adds a new SurveyQuestionOption record. – Joe Dec 1 '09 at 9:05
Make sure that, in your GetSingle method, you are also retrieving the SurveyQuestionOptions from the database on edit. – Robert Harvey Dec 1 '09 at 15:40
as above the SurveyQuestionOptions are being returned and appear to be updated in UpdateModel.. just SubmitChanges that creates new.. – Joe Dec 4 '09 at 15:10

Mmm.. i have not tried to Update directly a child element like that, specially with Complex models (various depth levels). I mostly use a ViewModel and then use that ViewModel to Update the Actual Model(the LinqtoSQL classes).

I would Update the child's this way:

Get The Current Saved Survey

currentSurvey = surveyRepository.GetSingle(Convert.ToInt32(id));

foreach (var option in updateSurveyViewModel.SurveyQuestions)
   //check if exist
   var current = currentSurvey.SingleOrDefault(a=> a.Id == option.Id);
   if (current == null)
     //Create a NewOne and attach it to the curentSurvey
    //already exist, Update the option
    current.Option = option.Option;

I know this is not the depth level with the problem but is the same concept.

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I could do them individually but would like to use UpdateModel for simplicities sake. As I say it appears to update all the proper children and only when i callsSubmitChanges does it save new records. Also, does your code manage scenarios where a user removes an element from a list? – Joe Dec 1 '09 at 15:43
Maybe another thing to check is that your second level child is loaded, yoo must do an eager load on all child elements – JOBG Dec 1 '09 at 15:45
@Joe: Nop, it doesn't, but it could be added, it would be the opposite if current is not null instead of creating a new one just mark it for deletion surveyRepository.Delete(current); – JOBG Dec 1 '09 at 15:49
Hi again, sorry SO isn't very good at telling you when you have a comment. The second level of children has IsLoaded = true so why does linq create new ?? – Joe Dec 4 '09 at 15:09

I've tried with LoadOptions in LINQ to SQL:

var loadOptions = new System.Data.Linq.DataLoadOptions();
loadOptions.LoadWith<Contact>(c => c.ContactEmails);
db.LoadOptions = loadOptions;

Contact old = db.Contacts.SingleOrDefault(c => c.ContactID == id);
UpdateModel(old, "Contact");


Didn't help. All existing ContactEmail is deleted and inserted again.

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