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If you use Turbolinks in Rails 4 and you view a landing page that has a Twitter widget for a user's profile, and then you view another page, and then back to the landing page... the Twitter widget will no longer be a JS widget. It's just a placeholder link. How do you re-init the Twitter widget in this case?

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How are you including the Twitter JS widget? Can you include some code? –  ssorallen Aug 23 '13 at 0:48
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May want to look at JQuery Turbolinks?

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I know this is an old question, but I just upgraded to Rails 4 and I got hit with a similar problem. The turbolinks documentation has an Opting Out of turbolinks section, which explains how to mark a link or its parent container with data-no-turbolink. I'm seeing this problem linking back to my homepage in a bootstrap navbar and I'm using HAML, so I ended up doing this:

%header{class: 'navbar navbar-fixed-top navbar-inverse'}
  %div{class: 'navbar-inner', 'data-no-turbolink' => true}
      = link_to 'example.com', root_path, id: 'go_home'


which renders as

<header class='navbar navbar-fixed-top navbar-inverse'>
  <div class='navbar-inner' data-no-turbolink>
    <div class='container'>
      <a href="/" id="go_home">example.com</a>

and because it's for the whole navbar-inner div, a later explicit link to the text home is also covered.

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