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I am quite new to postgresql full text search and I am setting up the configuration as where can I download the ispell *.dict and *.affix filefollowing (exactly as in docs):

    TEMPLATE = ispell,
    DictFile = english, 
    AffFile = english, 
    StopWords = english

So, this I think expects files english.dict and english.affix on for example:


But these files are not there. I just have ispell_sample.dict and ispell_sample.affix - which when included above work fine - no problem.

So... I followed this post and downloaded the required dictionary from the open office people and renamed the .dic to .dict and .aff to .affix. Then I have checked (using file -bi dict.affix and file -bi english.dict and they are UTF8 encoded).

When I run the above text search dictionary, I get the error:

 ERROR:  wrong affix file format for flag
 CONTEXT:  line 2778 of configuration file "/usr/share/postgresql/9.2/tsearch_data/english.affix": "COMPOUNDMIN 1

I was wondering if anyone had clues on how to solve this problem or if anyone had encountered this before.. Thanks./.

UPDATE:1: I guess the question can be rephrased as follows: where can I download the ispell *.dict and *.affix file for postgres

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Here's a good reference: This is a good resource for those dictionaries of any language.

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