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I have a very strange problem installing pytz in virtualenv. Has anyone else come across this?

Downloading/unpacking pytz
  Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pytz (from versions: 2009r, 2008b, 2009f, 2008c, 2007g, 2011g, 2005m, 2011e, 2007f, 2011k, 2007k, 2006j, 2008h, 2008i, 2011e, 2008a, 2009e, 2006g, 2011j, 2010l, 2005m, 2008i, 2005k, 2008g, 2007c, 2007i, 2009l, 2009r, 2006j, 2011k, 2007d, 2006p, 2009i, 2009u, 2007i, 2009f, 2010g, 2008h, 2009a, 2007g, 2011e, 2006p, 2012b, 2010k, 2005r, 2007f, 2009l, 2009p, 2008c, 2009j, 2008g, 2010g, 2010h, 2011h, 2010k, 2007c, 2007d, 2011d, 2009l, 2011c, 2008a, 2005m, 2007k, 2009n, 2011d, 2010o, 2013b, 2012h, 2010e, 2012c, 2012d, 2012f, 2011n, 2011b, 2011j, 2008c, 2012j, 2007k, 2009f, 2009d, 2010e, 2010b, 2013b, 2011d, 2009p, 2008h, 2005r, 2009i, 2009n, 2009a, 2010k, 2008g, 2006g, 2008b, 2012c, 2009i, 2007g, 2012c, 2010h, 2011n, 2012g, 2007d, 2008a, 2009u, 2012g, 2010o, 2006p, 2010b, 2009u, 2012d, 2011k, 2012f, 2009a, 2007f, 2011h, 2010l, 2009j, 2011g, 2009g, 2009g, 2005r, 2011c, 2012g, 2009g, 2012d, 2009j, 2010o, 2007c, 2010g, 2006g, 2009d, 2010h, 2005k, 2006j, 2010b, 2009n, 2011g, 2011c, 2012b, 2009e, 2009d, 2011j, 2007i, 2012j, 2010l, 2009r, 2012h, 2010e, 2009p, 2008i, 2012f, 2009e, 2012b, 2011h, 2005k, 2008b, 2013b, 2011n, 2012j, 2004b)
Cleaning up...
No distributions matching the version for pytz

It seems like it's a problem with the latest version of pip.

Is there any workaround?

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Try pip install --pre pytz. –  falsetru Aug 14 '13 at 11:55
@falsetru That comment should be on Bold 72. –  Manuel Gutierrez Sep 19 '13 at 14:47
If you are trying to install askbot run the above first and seems to fix the issue if "pip install askbot" fails on installing pytz. Had the issue trying to install askbot on Amazon's Ubuntu's 12.04 AMI. –  Eric Twilegar Sep 23 '13 at 3:39
Good news: --pre is no longer needed: Version Numbering Scheme changed: bugs.launchpad.net/pytz/+bug/1224858 –  guettli Oct 2 '13 at 6:55

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This error occurs when installing pytz using pip v1.4 or newer, due to this change in behaviour:

Pre-release Versions

Starting with v1.4, pip will only install stable versions as specified by PEP426 by default. If a version cannot be parsed as a compliant PEP426 version then it is assumed to be a pre-release.

If a Requirement specifier includes a pre-release or development version (e.g. >=0.0.dev0) then pip will allow pre-release and development versions for that requirement. This does not include the != flag.

The pip install command also supports a --pre flag that will enable installing pre-releases and development releases.

The version identifiers for the pytz package have a format like 2013b. PEP426 uses the version identifiers described in PEP440, which specifies that:

Public version identifiers MUST comply with the following scheme:


Because the pytz versions like 2013b do not match this format, version 1.4+ of pip is treating all versions of pytz as pre-release versions, and is not installing them by default.

If you are only installing pytz, you can use the --pre flag to avoid this behaviour, but you wouldn't want to use this flag for installing your entire project's requirements: some packages might have unstable pre-release versions you don't want. In that case, use the behaviour described above: if you specify a "pre-release" version number for the package, then pip will search for "pre-release" versions of the package. So I've added this to my requirements.txt:


When I upgrade my packages, pip will now correctly search for and install the latest version of pytz.

This has been filed as issue #1204837 in the pytz bug tracker and issue #974 in the pip bug tracker.

Stop Press: As described in the PyTz bug report, the version numbering of pytz has now been changed to, for example, 2013.7 - so once you have upgraded to this, the problem should no longer occur.

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The discussion on how to handle this on the pip side is here: github.com/pypa/pip/issues/974 –  ferrouswheel Sep 4 '13 at 22:30
@ferrouswheel Thanks, added to post. –  Jeremy Banks Sep 9 '13 at 15:57
The updated PEP 440 seems to say that pytz should be using the format 0.2013.6, not 2013.6. Confusing. –  Jeremy Banks Nov 22 '13 at 16:33
thank you so much! wasted so much time because of this stupid thing :@ –  Tommaso Barbugli Dec 15 '13 at 11:45

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