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I have the following code:

var self = this;
var test = function (name, properties) {
    self[name] = {
        prop1: "test1",
        prop2: "test2"

    // some code here assigning properties object to self[name] object

test("myObj", { "prop3": "test3", "prop4": "test4" });

What I need to accomplish is assign the content of the properties object to myObj so that in the end:

self["myObj"] = {
                prop1: "test1",
                prop2: "test2",
                prop3: "test3",
                prop4: "test3"



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jQuery has a method for extending objects called jQuery.extend

You can have a look at how jQuery has implemented this here.

You would use it like so:

$.extend(self, { "prop3": "test3", "prop4": "test4" });
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You should be able to just add a foreach if the objects are simple (might want to add hasOwnProperty() check if not)

foreach(var propertyKey in properties) {
    self[name][propertyKey] = properties[propertyKey];        

Hope that helps!

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Replace the commented line in your function (//some code here assigning ...) with this

for(var i in properties) self[name][i] = properties[i]


Or better

for(var i in properties) {
    if(properties.hasOwnProperty(i)) self[name][i] = properties[i];


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