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Given a class-like relationship:

class A(db.Model):

class B(A):

Can I get all of the base class? The query:


returns an empty list.

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I assume for the purposes of this question, you actually have some elements of type B in the datastore. –  notnoop Nov 30 '09 at 23:43
@notnoop: yes, I'm certain. –  Paul Biggar Dec 1 '09 at 0:40

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The datastore doesn't natively support this sort of polymorphism - but you can use the polymodel class to do this. Just inherit from PolyModel instead of Model and things will behave more or less as you expect them to.

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The datastore does not record inheritance, per se: it stores the B entities as being of kind B. You can get all (direct, proper) subclasses of A with A.__subclasses__() (if you want indirect subclasses as well you'll need to do the same with each of these, and so forth, recursively, until you stop getting subclasses), and perform all the .all queries on them.

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