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Document Level Javascripts are a set of scripts that exist at the top of the Document's JavaScript structure. A PDF can have any number of Document Level scripts. These scripts are the first ones executed when the document is opened in Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Dojo javascript library presents a feature rich java library.

My question is how feasible is it to use dojo for Acrobat Document Level Javascript in PDF? I would like to embed the capabilities of dojo in PDF documents with Document Level Javascript.

Does Document Level Javascript integrate with a third party library like Dojo?

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Dojo is a JavaScript framework for web development. It cannot be used inside a PDF document since the document object model the library operates with does not exist in the PDF file.

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That's not entirely true. Dojo also works on Node.js which hasn't a DOM either. Dojo exists out of more modules than only the dojo/dom*. But I have no experience in PDF + JavaScript so no clue if it will work. –  Dimitri M Aug 14 '13 at 13:14
If it includes modules that are pure JavaScript and do not rely on some external object model (for example some mathematical functions), then that code can be used inside a PDF document. –  iPDFdev Aug 14 '13 at 13:25

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