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In the Velocity User's Guide it seems pretty straight forward to use methods in templates. I tried, but could not make it work. Can someone tell me what I did wrong?


This is my code

public void testVelocity() {
  VelocityContext map = new VelocityContext();
  map.put("test", "Success");
  map.put("ok", "OK!");
  map.put("func", new Object() {public String test() {return "Yay!";}});
  map.put("func2", new Object() {public String test(String t) {return t+t;}});

  String template = "${func.test()} $test $func2.test($ok)";
  StringWriter writer = new StringWriter();
  Velocity.evaluate(map, writer, "", new StringReader(template));
  assertEquals("Yay! Success OK!OK!", writer.toString());

and this is the output:

Expected :Yay! Success OK!OK!
Actual   :${func.test()} Success $func2.test($ok)

Variable substitutions seems to work fine, but not method calls.

Please help.

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The problem is that for security reasons Velocity only allows calling public methods of public classes. An anonymous class is not public, thus the call is blocked.

It would work if you put a real object, an instance of a public class.

It would also work if you disable the secure uberspector, but that is not a good idea, since it opens up the system.

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Thanks! That helped! I was doing a POC so I didn't bother with creating 'real' classes... –  Bennie Aug 20 '13 at 11:53

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