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I have two versions of PHP(5.3 and 5.4), my application is running on PHP-CGI(5.3) where as my users are using PHP-CLI(5.4).

I want my users to see the version they have(are using) and not where my application is running.

if i write phpinfo(); in my application, users will be getting information of PHP where my application is running and not the one they are using.

Since I want phpinfo() in HTML format, I tried to fetch the output from php-cgi :

exec('"E:\php-5.4\php-cgi.exe" -i', $out, $ret);

This goes in infinite loop(unlimited processes are created), dunno how. I cannot figure out what is wrong.

exec('"E:\php-5.4\php.exe" -i', $out, $ret); , this is working but i am avoiding it as i don't want to do formatting.

I have edited the value of cgi.force_redirect from 1 to 0 in both PHP's php.ini

NOTE : Both versions are running on Same Apache

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