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I'm making a backup system.

I have 2 servers : the main sends data to the backup server, then, the backup server compress the data. To save disk usage, I just compress the files that have changed thanks to a flag-file that stores the last backup time.

Sometimes it works fine, but sometimes my script is exiting with an error 123This error is comming from xargs

The description is : 123 if any invocation of the command exited with status 1-125

So the command I launch is :

find /home/* -name "." -not -path "/home/*/www/cache/*" -not -path "/home/*/www/cc/cache/*" -not -path "/home/*/www/ot/cache/*" -not -path "/home/backups/*" -newer /var/backups/data/flagfile -print0 | xargs -0 -r tar -czvf /home/backups/incremental/H14/backup.tar.gz

When I do this : find /home/* -name "*.*" -not -path "/home/*/www/cache/*" -not -path "/home/*/www/cc/cache/*" -not -path "/home/*/www/ot/cache/*" -not -path "/home/backups/*" -newer /var/backups/data/flagfile -print0

It returns a list of files like expected.

Thanks for any help !

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It might be a good idea to redirect the list of files to a text file first, call it files.txt

find /home/* -name "." 
    -not -path "/home/*/www/cache/*" 
    -not -path "/home/*/www/cc/cache/*" 
    -not -path "/home/*/www/ot/cache/*"
    -not -path "/home/backups/*" 
-newer /var/backups/data/flagfile -print0 > files.txt

tar -czvf /home/backups/incremental/H14/backup.tar.gz ... 

Any user can write some pretty weird filenames to your system by uploading to their website.

When xargs crashes look at the file with a hexviewer and check for non ascii characters ;) also which version of xargs are you using...

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thanks for your answer. So the version of xargs is 4.4.2 I've done just like you said. But instead of using xargs I launch this command : tar -czf archive.tar -I list.txt –  Mirza Selimovic Aug 19 '13 at 8:21
I hope it works, the point was to check for bad filenames by looking in the files.txt. Here is a link, link to the xargs man page particularly the bug section. It looks good, too. –  Dru Aug 19 '13 at 8:43
another issue is that a file can be removed during the run. –  Dru Aug 19 '13 at 8:45
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I solved the problem with the following code :

find /home/* -name "." -not -path "/home/*/www/cache/*" -newer /var/backups/data/flagfile -print0 > files.txt

Then the tar command :

tar czvf /home/backups/incremental/H14/backup.tar.gz --files-from files.txt --quoting-style=shell

The --quoting-style=shell escapes special chars so the tar doesn't exit.

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