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I'm using media play, I'd like to have the audio file automatically play on page load, and then when it finishes launch a function, and I'm having a hard time with that.

To autoplay I thought all I had to do was add preload="auto" into the html like so:

<audio id="player2" src="audio/budget.mp3" type="audio/mp3" controls="controls" preload="auto">     

but that doesn't seem to work. So I tried using the success like so:

    success: function (mediaElement, domObject) { 

but this also didn't work. I'm assuming the success is also where the function would go when you want to fire a function on the audio finishing?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, struggling a little with it.

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I was able to get it working using this:

    success: function (mediaElement, domObject) { 
        mediaElement.addEventListener('ended', function (e) {
        }, true);
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