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I'm trying to make a basic quiz that matches a drop down menu to the correct value for a block of text.

This is the format of the drop down menu and paragraph:

<section class = "drop-menu">
    <select id="drop1">
        <option value='0'>Select True or False:</option>
        <option value='1'>T</option>
        <option value='2'>F</option>

<section class="box1" id = "1" name = "T">
    Sed ut perspiciatis, unde omnis iste.

And I'm trying to match the answers using:

<button class="btn btn-primary" onclick=onSubmitClick();> Submit</button>

And this function:

function onSubmitClick() {
    var i = document.getElementById("drop1");
    var submOne = i.options[i.selectedIndex].text;

    var w = document.getElementById("1");
    var answrOne = w.name;
    if(submOne === answrOne)
        alert("Please Try Again!");

Right now I'm attempting to grab the section name="T" with var answrOne = w.name; but it is always saying "Please Try Again!", how do you properly grab the section name to compare to the submitted answer? Thanks!

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There is no name attribute for the <section> element. Start by writing HTML. –  Quentin Aug 14 '13 at 15:46
What can I use to check the section then? –  essefbx Aug 14 '13 at 15:51
id, class, data-*, etc –  Quentin Aug 14 '13 at 15:56

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var answrOne = w.name;


var answrOne = w.getAttribute('name');

jsFiddle example

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Thank you!! Works perfectly!! –  essefbx Aug 14 '13 at 16:00

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