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I am trying to create a program that calls another process using CreateProcess. After some problems, I change my program to just open a known program:

if( !CreateProcess( (LPWSTR)"C:\\Program Files\\Opera\\Opera.exe",   // No module name (use command line)
    NULL,   					,
			// Command line
    NULL,           // Process handle not inheritable
    NULL,           // Thread handle not inheritable
    FALSE,          // Set handle inheritance to FALSE
    0,              // No creation flags
    NULL,           // Use parent's environment block
    NULL,           // Use parent's starting directory 
    &si,            // Pointer to STARTUPINFO structure
    &pi )           // Pointer to PROCESS_INFORMATION structure

I found this example in msdn, but every time I run my program, windows (Vista) shows a error msg: The program stop running...

Does anybody know what is the problem?

Regards, Leandro Lima

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This line is wrong:

(LPWSTR)"C:\\Program Files\\Opera\\Opera.exe"

LPWSTR is a typedef for wchar_t*. So you're casting a plain string (array of chars, which will decay to a const char*) to a wchar_t*. The end result is likely not even null-terminated!

Either use CreateProcessA and drop the cast, or use a wide string:

 L"C:\\Program Files\\Opera\\Opera.exe",
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Hi, I teste you sugestion but I wanna know why to use CreateProcessA instead CreateProcess. –  Leandro Dec 1 '09 at 2:48
And, thanks, it works very well. –  Leandro Dec 1 '09 at 2:50
CreateProcessA is a version that takes LPCSTR (i.e. const char*) as the first argument. CreateProcessW is another version that takes LPCWSTR (i.e. const wchar_t*). In Windows headers, there's a #define CreateProcess CreateProcessA or #define CreateProcess CreateProcessW, chosen depending on whether you compile with Unicode enabled (i.e. /D_UNICODE) or not. The default for new C++ projects in Visual Studio is Unicode enabled. Also, it is better to use L"" over CreateProcessA, because Unicode APIs are native on WinNT family, and ANSI APIs convert to Unicode and call ...W. –  Pavel Minaev Dec 1 '09 at 3:01
What's the diference between run my project with debug and release? Debug doesn't work. –  Leandro Dec 1 '09 at 3:11
"doesn't work" is an error-description that is nobody telling anything. –  Georg Fritzsche Dec 1 '09 at 3:48

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