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The new ngAnimate works with a hard coded class:

<div ng-view class="forward"></div>

.forward.ng-enter {
  -webkit-animation: from_right 10s ease;

but not a dynamic class:

<div ng-view ng-class="{'forward': true}"></div>

How can I dynamically switch between animations for enter and exit (e.g. forward and back in a phone wizard)?

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I literally spent five hours trying to figure out this exact same issue, since I'm trying to do the exact same thing. Turns out, it was a bug in rc1. Here's the pull request, which is now in rc2.

Basically, ngAnimate was running before the class could be interpreted, but now it's fixed. Your example should work now:

<div ng-view ng-class="{ 'foo': bar }"></div>

Alternatively, you could just use the regular class attribute, and bind it to a certain string in the models of your different controllers (if you have separate controllers for each view, e.g. when routing), like so:

<div ng-view class="foo"></div>

Then, in your javascript, do something like:

angular.module('app', []);

app.config(['$routeProvider', function($routeProvider) {
        .when('/one', { templateUrl: '/one.html', controller: 'viewOneCtrl' })
        .when('/two', { templateUrl: '/two.html', controller: 'viewTwoCtrl' });

app.controller('viewOneCtrl', ['$scope', function($scope) {
    $scope.foo = 'view-one';

app.controller('viewTwoCtrl', ['$scope', function($scope) {
    $scope.foo = 'view-two';
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