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I am using fullcalendar in my Ruby-On_Rails app. I want to internationalize it. In my coffee script I have:

monthNames: ['enero', 'febrero', 'marzo', 'abril', 'mayo', 'junio', 'julio', 'agosto', 'septiembre', 'octubre', 'noviembre', 'diciembre'] if $('#calendar').data('url') == 'es'

This works perfectly for English and Spanish. But if I add support for a third language, like this:

monthNames: ['enero', 'febrero', 'marzo', 'abril', 'mayo', 'junio', 'julio', 'agosto', 'septiembre', 'octubre', 'noviembre', 'diciembre'] if $('#calendar').data('url') == 'es'

monthNames:['janvier','février','mars','avril','mai','juin','juillet','août','septembre','octobre','novembre','décembre'] if $('#calendar').data('url') == 'fr'

Then it will work for English and French but not for Spanish( it will default to English). I am new to coffee script.

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The problem is how CoffeeScript handles a postfix if within the context of a property initialization. A short example should help; given this:

o =
  a: 6  if(x)
  a: 11 if(y)

you get this JavaScript:

var o;
o = {
  a: x ? 6 : void 0,
  a: y ? 11 : void 0

But you can't have duplicate keys in an object so you'll end up with the last one. The result is that you're really just saying:

o =
  a: 11 if(y)

in a complicated way. In your case, you'll be using the value from the French conditional no matter what (since it is the last one) so the month names end up being undefined.

You should be able to fix your problem by moving your month names to a separate object indexed by language:

monthsInLang =
  es: ['enero', 'febrero', 'marzo', 'abril', 'mayo', 'junio', 'julio', 'agosto', 'septiembre', 'octubre', 'noviembre', 'diciembre']
  fr: ['janvier','février','mars','avril','mai','juin','juillet','août','septembre','octobre','novembre','décembre']
  # Any others you want...

and then set your monthNames like this:

monthNames: monthsInLang[$('#calendar').data('url')]
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This worked like a charm. Thanks for your help, this really saved me a lot of time as I was struggling with coffee script. –  Edmundo Ramirez-Semprit Aug 14 '13 at 17:31
You're welcome. Using the TRY COFFEESCRIPT tool at coffeescript.org is very helpful when you're starting out. –  mu is too short Aug 14 '13 at 17:34

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