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I have a attribute called: description and I want to have the following in it with new lines:

This is the content description section.
Download instruction:
This is the contents on how to download contents.
Hotline support:
This is the hotline for contents.

How do I create a new line for it in xml?

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Basically you want to insert CRLF:

CR code: 
LF code: 

<myelement description="line1&#13;&#10;line2&#13;&#10;line3"/>
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Try it like this:

<description><![CDATA[first line<br />second line<br />]]></description>

Basically you wrap the content within your tag inside "" for the closing tag, inbetween this tag you can use
to cause a line break. If you want to double space it, use two
like this:

Hope this helps.

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That's not in the attribute... – John Weldon Dec 1 '09 at 4:35
Next time being more specific would be great. My method works perfectly fine withing the description tag. – David Dec 1 '09 at 14:30

If you need it in XML attribute, you'll have to use character entities:

<element attribute="First line&#10;Second line&#10;Third line..." />
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