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As the explained , we can use socket io on multi server , please see the code first :

var RedisStore = require('')
  , redis  = require('')
  , pub    = redis.createClient()
  , sub    = redis.createClient()
  , client = redis.createClient();

io.set('store', new RedisStore({
  redisPub : pub
, redisSub : sub
, redisClient : client

Now I have some question :

1: If I want to run on 3 server and 2 instance on each one , how can I achieve that ?

2: Think a user connect to server 1 (from 3 server) , can handle room on three server , so users from server 2 and 3 get messages ?

3: Do I need node cluster to run socket io on three server ?

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As long as each instance is pointing to the same Redis store, all of your rooms will be available. If you want to run multiple instances of a node app on a single server you could use node cluster.

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what about running on multi server ( multi node I mean) –  Ata Aug 15 '13 at 6:49
What about running node on multiple servers? You need to make sure all stateful data is in a location that is accessible by all the servers. So if you're using express sessions, those should be backed by a redis store as well. That includes user generated content too. If a user uploads an image that will display on their profile, you can't just save that to the hard drive and expect things to work well. –  Timothy Strimple Aug 15 '13 at 7:04
So as long as they point out to one redis server , there is no problem , again there could be a problem, if redis server goes down , all of the node servers stop working , so does with redis store have any idea for such problem ? can I replicate the redis store on multi server , so if one of them go down , other remain , can I achieve that with current socket redis store ? thanks –  Ata Aug 15 '13 at 7:24

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