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I'm developing a http server that takes ajax requests from the browser, fetches data from the database and returns it in json format. The data is fetched from mysql and redis. I've developed a basic proof of concept with python using tornado. The problem is that tornado is blocking on multiple requests, so if request #1 comes in and takes 3 seconds, and then request #2 comes in at the same time, it will wait those 3s to even begin working. This is causing a negative user experience on the front end that we can't have.

The requests are data heavy in nature, meaning the bulk of the python execution is spent waiting for mysql to return. The actual work done by python is very light; it will just format what's returned and throw it in the json object being returned. There is a reasonably complicated mysql query and only a few lines of python around it to manage it.

I have a demo with tornado working, but it seems I have to rewrite parts of the mysql driver to get it to work asynchronously with mysql. That sounds difficult and risky. I'm looking into gevent currently, but it seems that most things python work synchronously with mysql regardless of the library or tool used.

What are the best tools for me to use to develop this. The main thing I want is that simultaneous requests are handled concurrently. I don't want one request from one user cause another user to wait. I've found python to be very difficult to wield to be asynchronous. Are there other python tools that I should use? Does anybody have an example of handling a mysql heavy http request asynchronously?

Is php/apache out of the question? We went away from php because python is generally supposed to perform better (though that's not what I've found here and here. Does the language/tool really matter when you're mostly bottlednecked by the data fetch anyway?

Thanks for your thoughts guys!

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If you have admin control of your server, give Node.js a try. You basically write your code in server-side JS that V8 compiles to machine code for SPEED. Read its wikipedia article for an intro.

Edit: If you can afford to change the database, try coupling Node.js with MongoDB.
Mongo basically lives and breathes JSON, storing your data in JSON-style documents. You also query your db using JSON objects.

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I have used node.js for other things and have had positive experiences with it. It is worth considering for this use case, thanks for the response ... –  Landon Aug 14 '13 at 19:23
ITs VERY WORTH IT. Node offers you execution speed & ease of development that comes with JS (reflection et al). –  Moje Aug 14 '13 at 19:40

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