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Why doesnt console.log('hello'); output anything in JSfiddle. I only ask because it tells me not to use document.write(); I dont know what else to use to output my data. Does anyone know the correct way to output data?

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Where do you expect the text to appear? It's written on the JavaScript console, not anywhere on the page. –  Juhana Aug 14 '13 at 19:21

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You can always use alert, or you can insert the info into html on the page

Edit: Sorry misread the question, but those are still valid ways of seeing the data...

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Console writes to the literal browser console. In chrome hit tools > Javascript Console

Similar steps in Firefox and IE


Also, I know this is probably bad practice, but I do get lazy with looking at console all the time, so I usually end up creating a debug div and appending text to it.. /shameless

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