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I have been stuck on this for 5 hours and can't solve it! I trimmed out some of the fat. Does anyone see why my design saves at first, but it wont update with the files primary key?

If I place: design.files_id = 12 before the first design.save(), it will save that integer. But how do I get this form to re-save? I've even tried to reselect the model with the new primary key design = store_models.Design.objects.get(pk = design.pk) and no luck.

    form = SubmitDesignForm(request.POST, request.FILES)

    if form.is_valid():

        design = form.save(commit = False)
        design.user = request.user

        # Files
        posted_files = request.FILES.getlist('file')
        if posted_files:

            files = Files()
            print files.pk # Returns a Intenger

            design.files_id = files.pk
            # Always leaves the thing 

Note: The code is successfully creating data in the DB for Files and uploading them -- I just cant get the primary key to reference.

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Why don't you move design.save() and form.save_m2m() at the end (after the if block)? –  alecxe Aug 14 '13 at 19:22
Because it will say: "<Design: h >" needs to have a value for field "design" before this many-to-many relationship can be used. –  JREAM Aug 14 '13 at 19:30

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How frustrating this was.. Here's what I did wrong:

Design models.py

def save(self):
    if self.download_price is None:
        self.download_price = '0.00'
        super(Design, self).save()

Super wasn't getting called when saving an item WITH a download price, so this fixed it:

def save(self):
    if self.download_price is None:
        self.download_price = '0.00'

    super(Design, self).save()

Sorry I forgot to include this, I didn't even realize it at all until I sat on the toilet.

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Don't you need to set the FK object, rather than the key? I don't think you insert the FK directly. Try something like this (not 100% on the syntax):

design.files = Files.objects.get(pk=files.pk)

Something like that. Of course, you already have a variable called files so you wouldn't need to do the get. You should be able to try it from the command line.

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