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I have a Node.js web app that makes regular socket.io calls to a MongoDB backend (every 30 minutes). I can have this running for days no problem locally. I just recently deployed to Heroku (free, 1 Dyno, using MongoLab for DB) and everything starts up and works fine. However, when the updates start to roll in, I get numerous errors in the browser console that things didn't quite go right with the update and eventually (about 3 or 4 updates in) and invariably, the tab hangs at 30% CPU and 800MB RAM (when it normally has nominal CPU and about 300-400MB RAM at most).

I use a string of promises to ensure that the async DB update steps happen in perfect sequence and they always do locally. But the console.logs suggest that the app is running out of order, when should be impossible, i.e. the app moves on before a promise it depends on resolves. That would explain all the errors (e.g undefined variables etc.) Has anyone seen anything like this with their apps that could suggest where to start looking for a solution? This isn't a problem deploying the app or starting the app on Heroku like most of the troubleshooting questions I see. The app runs, attaches to the port and comes up in the browser with no errors. It's only after running for a bit that things go haywire. I'm at a loss.

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It's difficult to tell without seeing the connection code and error, but initially what comes to mind is setting the connectTimeoutMS and socketTimeoutMS options (typically we recommend 30 seconds, or 30000). We've seen a few issues where configuring the timeouts helps tremendously in connecting to Heroku- particularly after idling.

Please write us at support@mongolab.com if you still need help! We'll help find the cause.

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