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I have created a custom annotation and it's working for 1'st program but not for 2'nd. I am not able to figure out what's wrong in the second one. Can anyone please explain:

Below Program is working:

public void Calendar() {
      //Some Code goes Here.

Below Program not working:

@Event(startTime="22-June-2013", duration="21 Hours")
public void Calendar() {
      //Some Code goes Here.
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You cannot use the same annotation twice on the same field, type, method, etc. Here's a workaround – Sotirios Delimanolis Aug 14 '13 at 19:40
At least not until JDK 8: Repeating Annotations. Not sure if that would work for you, though. – Edwin Dalorzo Aug 14 '13 at 23:37

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