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Does anyone know how I could trim a UIImageView of some image with surrounding transparency down to just barely fit the content by cropping off the edges?

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You can try using this category:

Here is a usage example from their docs:

UIImage-Trim Category for trimming transparent pixels of an UIImage object.

How to use

Add the UIImage+Trim files to your project. Include UIImage+Trim.h in the files where you want to trim your images.

Trimming is pretty straightforward:

[yourImage imageByTrimmingTransparentPixels];

Optionally, you may want to consider any non-opaque pixels as being transparent (for instance, cropping out a light drop shadow). This can be achieved by using the alternate method:

[yourImage imageByTrimmingTransparentPixelsRequiringFullOpacity:YES];

Additionally, if you merely desire to know the UIEdgeInsets of the transparency around the image, you may want to use the following:

[yourImage transparencyInsetsRequiringFullOpacity:YES];

This call works based on the same principles as the "advanced" trim method, with the boolean dictating whether non-opaque pixels should be considered transparent.

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