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Is there a way to somehow trigger an event that will do something every time a file change? I mean something like that (in pseudo code)

if(DetectedFileModified(pathToFile)){ do stuff }

I know I can do it periodically but can I somehow do it without a timer? I want to be able to make some actions when a user is updating a txt file (not via code, but just by opening the file and writing inside) and I don't know when he'll do it.

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What is your environment (e.g. Standalone, Application-Server, Eclipse-IDE, ...) –  t777 Aug 14 '13 at 21:12

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You need a WatchService

The WatchService API is fairly low level, allowing you to customize it. You can use it as is, or you can choose to create a high-level API on top of this mechanism so that it is suited to your particular needs.

Oracle blog on the same

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