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I have a simple (and weird) problem. When I manually set the WebBrowser.DocumentText property to some HTML string, it cuts it off after a random character. The HTML I use is the plain HTML of some other page, downloaded via HtmlAgilityPack (in real application I do some processing over it, but even without any processing the bug is present). When I load the same page in Internet Explorer, the entire page is rendered correctly.

Here's the minimal example:

const string url = "";
var doc = new HtmlWeb().Load(url);

HtmlNode basehref = new HtmlNode(HtmlNodeType.Element, doc, 0) { Name = "base" };
basehref.Attributes.Add("href", url.Substring(0, url.LastIndexOf("/") + 1));
doc.DocumentNode.SelectSingleNode("//head").ChildNodes.Insert(0, basehref);

string html;
using (var writer = new StringWriter()) {
    html = writer.ToString();

var thread = new Thread(() => {
    var browser = new WebBrowser {
        Location = new Point(0, 0),
        Size = new Size(1920, 1080),
        ScriptErrorsSuppressed = true,
        AllowNavigation = true,
        DocumentText = html
    browser.DocumentCompleted += (sender, e) => {

It outputs:

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Analyze the web page's DOM with FireBug, IE's or Chrome's debuggers (F12). Maybe HtmlAgilityPack doesn't run some JavaScript or scrupulous content similarly as a "real" browser, which is needed for full display. Do you know what Web Client technology HtmlAgilityPack uses under the hood and how? – Csaba Toth Aug 14 '13 at 22:49
@CsabaToth HtmlAgilityPack just sends a general HttpWebRequest. Anyway, this is not the source of the problem. Note that (a) HtmlAgilityPack`s string is longer than the WebBrowser's string, and (b) the string is cut off in the middle of the text, after a random character. It is not a valid HTML with missing tags. It is a prefix of the original string (which IE tried to fix as much as it could and somehow rendered partially). – Skiminok Aug 15 '13 at 0:02
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I tried your code without Application.ExitThread() and as it turns, DocumentCompleted gets fired twice, the second time the length looks being correct. Thus, the website your're trying to load probably has some dynamic content or is refreshing itself. I haven't dug into what it does, but rather went ahead and removed all scripts, styles and iframes:

    const string url = "";
    var doc = new HtmlWeb().Load(url);

                    .Where(n => n.Name == "script" || n.Name == "style" || n.Name == "iframe")
                    .ForEach(n => n.Remove());

Now DocumentCompleted gets fired once, and the document length is consistent.

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