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I would like to accomplish a task where we have same schema [mutliple tables with same structure and tenant Id is key for each tenant] with multiple tenants stored in MySql Cluster.

I would love to learn what is the best architecture and techniques to accomplish this task.

Important points

  1. Security or data separation is not an issue meaning they can reside at the same table
  2. Query performance is key, so it can serve multiple tenant with reasonable performance. We would love to avoid table locks and etc
  3. Backup/Restore and Maintenance [indexes, evolving schema ] are other consideration points

I really appreciate if someone clarify what would be the best architecture for such system. Preferably, I would love to hear your experiences.

Right now, all I have is a MySql cluster [latest version 7.3] with three nodes. I am still wondering which one is better using Sharding/partitioning at the tenant id level or let the cluster handle it?



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