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I have a Static Text displaying the currently selected file name. I'd like it to update every time the user chooses a new file using the 'Select File' button.

I've tried using the Update() method inside the EVT_BUTTON subroutine call but is not working.

Below is a section of my code. Please excuse any bad coding practices, relatively new to this.

      $self->{class_source_txt} = Wx::StaticText->new(
               "Classifier Source: $classifier",

      $self->{file_select} = Wx::Button->new(
                "Select Classifier",

        $classifier = FileSelect();

Specifically what I am trying to do is to have the Classifier Source: $classifier line display the new value of $classifier created by the EVT_BUTTON

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You could install Wx::Demo and learn from these examples.

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