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Facebook recently deprecated comment counts from being returned when you call a page feed.

They offer a work around that does not help my use case.

Removing 'count' from 'comments' Graph API connection We are removing the undocumented 'count' field on the 'comments' connection in the Graph API. Please request '{id}/comments?summary=true' explicitly if you would like the summary field which contains the count (now called 'total_count')

One can obtain a comment by searching for a specific POST_ID/comments and passing in the summary param

The problem is I am managing hundreds of Pages, I need to obey rate limits, and I would like the comment count of every Post, from every page I manage. How is it possible to batch this operation?

Why did facebook decide to break this?

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Why did facebook decide to break this?

Shh, calm down, young Padawan! :-)

You can use Field Expansion to achieve this.

Since you want only the comment count, we will limit the number of comments returned to 1 (the minimum possible – 0 would mean no limit and therefor the default of 25(?)), and ask for the summary field of the comments as well:


Only slight drawback: Since this is using the fields parameter, you have to specify other fields of the post object you want to get as well – id and created_time are included by default as you can see, but others as f.e. message you will have to specify explicitly if you want to get them returned too.

Edit: Using .limit(0) is now possible directly. You will still get a data structure below comments, but it will be empty.

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