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I want to store XML string inside PHP array. The XML string should not be parsed. How to prevent PHP from parsing XML string.

$tooltip=array( 'headerFormat'=> '<span style="font-size:10px">{point.key}</span><table>',
                    'pointFormat'=> '<tr><td style="color:{series.color};padding:0">{}: </td>' +
                        '<td style="padding:0"><b>{point.y:.1f} mm</b></td></tr>',
                    'footerFormat'=> '</table>',
                    'shared'=> true,
                    'useHTML'=> true);

I expected the output to be;

Array ( [headerFormat] => '<span style="font-size:10px">{point.key}</span><table>',            [pointFormat] =>'<tr><td style="color:{series.color};padding:0">{}: </td><td style="padding:0"><b>{point.y:.1f} mm</b></td></tr>'[footerFormat] =>'</table>',
[shared] => true, [useHTML] => true )

but I get;

Array ( [headerFormat] => {point.key} [pointFormat] => 0 [footerFormat] =>
[shared] => true [useHTML] => true ) 
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echo htmlentities(print_r($tooltip, true));

The second argument to print_r() makes it return the formatted value instead of displaying it. And htmlentities() will encode the string so that all the special HTML characters will be treated as literal instead of being interpreted by the browser.

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Thank u it works for me –  Ram Shrestha Aug 16 '13 at 22:09

I tried to reproduce your findings, but it seems all normal to me. As long as you quote strings with a single quote ' they will not get parsed. You can check your output more reliably by using var_dump, e.i echo var_dump($tooltip)

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You are displaying this through the browser - this is doing the parsing.

If you view the page source then you will see the desired output.

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