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I'd like to debug python code in sublime text2 with sublimerepl, here is my testing code:

myStrList = ["I'",'am','tang','biao']

if len(myStrList) ==  5:
    print 'just testing...'

print ' '.join(myStrList)

when I use the sublimereple debugging the code, for example, using command n to execute the next line of code. I must press the ENTER twice,the output like the line 3-8,and actually it execute the next two lines of code.But some command like b + lineNum, pressing the enter once would hava response.Is it normal? How to solve it

1  > /Users/tangbiao/Desktop/test(1)<module>()
2  -> myStrList = ["I'",'am','tang','biao']
3  (Pdb) n
5  > /Users/tangbiao/Desktop/test(2)<module>()
6  -> myStrList.append('!')
7  (Pdb) > /Users/tangbiao/Desktop/test(4)<module>()
8  -> if len(myStrList) ==  5:
9  (Pdb) b 7
10 Breakpoint 1 at /Users/tangbiao/Desktop/test:7
11 (Pdb) 
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