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I need to pass my xsl and read file on the service to generate pdf. i always get an error meesage something like

Document is empty (something might be wrong with your XSLT stylesheet).. Stacktrace follows: Message: Document is empty (something might be wrong with your XSLT stylesheet).

i also autowire the file on the bean resource.xml or resource.groovy

class MyClassHolder{
   Resource template

//in my controller

class MyController{
   File resource = classHolder.template.file
   def reader = new FileReader(resource)
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Whenever I required to put some file and read content from that file I create a directory e.g. resources in the web-app directory and read content in service like:

import org.codehaus.groovy.grails.web.context.ServletContextHolder as SCH

class MyService {
    def readFile() {
        def servletContext = SCH.servletContext
        def file = servletContext.getResource('/resources/example.xsl').getContent()
        println "Content = ${file}"
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If you put it in the web-app folder, and you are using Grails 2, you can use the Grails Resource Locator.

class MyService {
    def grailsResourceLocator
    def templateResource

    init() {
        templateResource = grailsResourceLocator.findResourceForURI('/resources/example.xsl')
    def convert() {
        // no need to pass in resource or filereader, can use file or inputStream
        def templateFile = templateResource.file
        def templateStream = templateResource.inputStream
class MyController {
    MyService myService

    method() {

Handy tip: to mock this in Spock, use GroovyPageStaticResourceLoader

class MyServiceSpec extends Specification {
    def setup() {
        service.grailsResourceLocator = Mock(GroovyPageStaticResourceLocator)
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