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In D3, we have brush mechanism on one axis of a plot.

Now I have a scatterplot in an SVG where each node stands for a user. I want to brush on this SVG to select adjacent users. How could I build such a "brush" operation?

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The brush isn't specific to axes. You can apply it to anything and also select two-dimensional regions. –  Lars Kotthoff Aug 15 '13 at 8:12

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So you want a 2D brush component?

enter image description here

Here's a good example, as pictured above. The take-home part:

var brush = d3.svg.brush()
  .on("brushstart", brushstart)
  .on("brush", brushmove)
  .on("brushend", brushend);

Calling the x and y setters on a brush component with your horizontal and vertical scales makes it resizeable in both dimensions.

As usual, you can call the brush component to render it into an element:

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