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I have a table called hotels and here is the schema

tables(type, id, name, description, menu, address)

I can easily store type, id, name, description and address. They are all strings and integers.

Consider there are about a 100 hotels each having different values.

But what about menu? How can i store that? A menu will be something like this:

Pasta : 10 euros
HamBurger : 5 euros
#similarly many items in the menu

Can someone tell me how to store it? Please try to explain in detail. I am not getting it at all. I tried storing menus in different table with id of hotel acting as foreign key but that makes me write a 100 tables just for menu.

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I'd say you create a table for all possible menus("pasta", "burger", ..) a 2nd table link them to the hotels

Eg: menus (menu_id, name, price) hotels_menus (hotel_id, menu_id)

To find all dishes for a given hotel you retrieve them by "SELECT m.name, m.price FROM hotel_menus AS hm INNER JOIN menus AS m ON hm.hotel_id = [hotel_id] AND hm.menu_id = m.menu_id"

If price is different per hotel you move the price-field to the hotels_menus table.

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