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Given a datetime column in mysql 5, I want to find out the day of the week ?

But the function DAYOFWEEK returns 1 for Sunday.

I want 1 to denote monday, 2 tuesday etc.. and 7 to denote Sunday.

Is there a one-liner (that can be embedded in a larger SQL statement) that implements this function ?

f(x) => y

such that:
   f(1) = 7
   f(n) = n-1 for n in range [2,7]
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A purely arithmetic formula is

SELECT ((DAYOFWEEK(myDate) + 5) % 7) + 1 AS MondayBasedDOW

Although in SQL we often solve this with a CASE statement (cf astender's answer)

       AS MondayBasedDOW

Now... MySQL also provides the function WEEKDAY() which is similar to DAYOFWEEK(), but is

  • Monday-based
  • Zero-based

i.e. Monday = 0, Tuesday = 1 ... Sunday = 6
So you can simply use

SELECT WEEKDAY(myDate) + 1 AS MondayBasedDOW

but of course that's a lot less fun than using modulo arithmetic ;-)

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You can try CASE WHEN n = 1 THEN 7 ELSE n -1 END

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It works. Awesome. –  Jacques René Mesrine Dec 1 '09 at 7:55

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