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$hookObj = t3lib_div::getUserObj($classRef);

if (method_exists($hookObj, $func)) {
    $hookObj->$func($params, $this);

I saw above script pass $this to a function, so I am trying to figure out how to pass $this to a function, I did below test:

class a

    public $var1 = 'var1';
    public $var2 = 'var2';


$obj0 = new a;

class b

    function init($pObj)


$obj1 = new b;

I can pass an object $obj0 to function, but how could I pass $this the current object to function?

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$this is a reference to the current instance object of a class. if your active scope is within a class where $this is available you can pass it to another class function. as follows

class .... { 
    public function passRef() {
       $foo = new Bar();
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