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As we know google chrome provide USB API. http://developer.chrome.com/apps/usb.html

But examples only 2.

Can you help to understand. How use twain from usb api? Is this possible or very hard? Or my question is incorrect?

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USB and TWAIN are two different protocals.

Are you looking at interracting with TWAIN devices from Google Chrome? If so, you will need a TWAIN plugin for Chrome. There are 3rd-party TWAIN browser plugins available, like Dynamsoft's Dynamic Web TWAIN. You can check it out. (Disclaimer: I work for the company)

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Quoting the Wikipedia page for TWAIN:

TWAIN is not a hardware-level protocol; it requires a driver called Data Source for each device.

Which means that you cannot hope to implement your own (device-independent) TWAIN on top of raw USB, as it is not a protocol carried by USB.

As mentioned in another answer, this can be solved with plugins that interface with OS-level TWAIN API.

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