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I use oracle 11g and need name that size is greater than 30 characters.I know the maximum size in 11g is 30 characters,Can I change the this maximum size? what is the maximum size of table/column/index names in Oracle 12c?

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We all would love to use identifiers >30 chars, but why do you need them? –  Jeffrey Kemp Aug 16 '13 at 5:51
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Database object names in 11g as well as in 12c are limited to 30 bytes (in a single-byte character set it will be equivalent to 30 characters). Can it be changed? No, you cannot make any changes to allow Oracle to use object names that are greater than 30 bytes.

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I know of no way to change the maximum size of fields to more than 30 characters in 11g.

I've seen nothing to suggest this is changing in 12c.

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