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I currently have multiple projects being build using msbuild. I have a small customisation to the build that is handled by a .targets file. One solution is to add the snippet

<Import Project="MyTargets.targets"/>

to each project file. However, ideally I would like to not touch the project files, and be able to pass this information as a parameter to msbuild. That way I could easily control whether I run this customisation from the command line, and I don't have to touch the existing project files.

Is this possible?

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You can do that easily with MSBuild 4.0 (check your version by top-level attribute ToolsVersion="4.0"):

There are multiple properties you can use to import your targets before and after Common.targets and or CSharp.targets loaded.

Simplest way is to use 2 sets of self explaining properties. First set is: $(CustomBeforeMicrosoftCommonTargets) $(CustomAfterMicrosoftCommonTargets)

and second one:


Property names are pretty self-explained.

Just pass full file name to any of this properties via msbuild.exe e.g.

msbuild.exe /p:CustomBeforeMicrosoftCSharpTargets=c:\mytargets\custom.targets

You can use other "ImportByWildcard(Before|After)...." properties if you need to import multiple files. But in that case you need to pass more parameters to command-line.

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This worked for me - thanks! –  Lawrence Aug 28 '13 at 9:58

Lets say you have a project file called "Project.msbuild". You would add this conditional import:

<Import Project="$(TargetToImport)" Condition="'$(TargetToImport)' != ''" />

Then pass the name of the target file you want to import as an msbuild property:

msbuild.exe Project.msbuild /p:TargetToImport="TargetFile.Target"
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This doesn't really answer the problem of not wanting to alter the project file (although it does mean that once I've made this alteration all other modifications can be done outside of the project file). The question is really asking whether I can effectively insert an <Import /> element via the command line. –  Lawrence Aug 16 '13 at 9:04

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