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I have installed Owasp ModSecurity, after that all pages on my application have this rule alert.

ModSecurity: Warning. Match of "eq 1" against "&ARGS:CSRF_TOKEN" required. 
[file "/etc/modsecurity/activated_rules/modsecurity_crs_43_csrf_protection.conf"] 
[line "31"] 
[id "981143"] 
[msg "CSRF Attack Detected - Missing CSRF Token."]

I also tried to create a blank php file just to check, same rule alert is shown.
From this point I assume that the problem is not code level any more.

Here is the source code for modsecurity_crs_43_csrf_protection.conf

Any idea on how to solve this problem?

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Hi! I have nearly exactly the same problem... I was just wondering if you've figured it out yet. Thanks ahead of time! –  HelpingHand Jun 1 '14 at 19:33

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It's checking your application to ensure that you're using CRSF tokens on all pages. A blank php file will fail this check because you have to code the token into the form.

CRSF tokens are used to validate a postback from a web form came from your form in the page and not from an attacker. There is more information on this on Wikipedia: Cross-site request forgery

Your options are:

  1. Implement CRSF checking in your application and supply the token.
  2. Stop modsecurity checking for this problem by removing the link to modsecurity_crs_43_csrf_protection.conf from the activated_rules directory. This is /usr/local/apache/conf/crs/activated_rules by default
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