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I'm building a loosely-coupled app, where the main exe project only contains references to an assembly with interfaces. The concrete implementations of those interfaces are in assemblies that are referenced indirectly - via IoC. However, those assemblies' build output doesn't get copied to the bin\Debug folder of the exe, which means my IoC can't find them.

How do I make sure those assemblies are copied, if there is no actual project/assembly reference?

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You can create a post-build event to copy the desired files to the output directory after the project is built.

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did you try to right click your exe project -> Project Dependencies. Then tick all the projects that you need to be copied over your bin\Debug folder ?

Alternatively what Konamiman said would work as well.

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You can make sure they are built before the main exe project by checking the relevant projects in Build Dependencies dialog (found in the Project context menu).

However I think you need to use xcopy in a post-build step to actually copy the assemblies.

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Assuming your using Visual Studio, prehaps you can copy the items in a Post Build event.

Project >> Properties >> Build Events.

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