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I have two jars that conflict in my libraries in the java build path. Both of them are resolved by ivy, so I see them inside an ivy.xml entry on the libraries tab. I can't delete anything inside the ivy.xml entry, eclipse only lets me delete the entire entry. Deleting the jar from the source folder is'nt viable either, since I don't have the access rights for that.

Could you give me some advice on how to solve this conflict?

Thanks for your time.

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Use exclude in your ivy file, eg.:

    <dependency org="log4j" name="log4j" rev="1.2.17" conf="default" >
        <exclude module="javaee-api"/>
        <exclude module="geronimo-jms_1.1_spec"/>

You can use following ant task to create dependency report:

<target name="report" >
    <delete dir="report"/>
    <mkdir dir="report" />
    <ivy:resolve type="${ivy.resolve.types}"/>
    <ivy:report todir="report" />
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Is there a way to find out which jar belongs to which dependency so I know where to use exclude? Unfortunately the names in the ivy file don't really help. –  Peter Aug 15 '13 at 10:55
@Peter The HTML report generated by the ivy "report" task will tell you this. –  Mark O'Connor Aug 15 '13 at 18:19

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