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I'm completely confuse about Heroku Postgres Plan. Please help.

When I check for PG info, using:

heroku pg:info

It's showing:

Plan:        Basic
Status:      available
Connections: 1
PG Version:  9.2.4
Created:     2013-07-30 12:44 UTC
Data Size:   6.3 MB
Tables:      0
Fork/Follow: Unsupported

Plan:        Dev
Status:      available
Connections: 4
PG Version:  9.2.4
Created:     2013-08-06 05:17 UTC
Data Size:   10.7 MB
Tables:      13
Rows:        22346/10000 (Write access revoked)
Fork/Follow: Unsupported

Here showing HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_MAROON(free) have 13 tables. But in Paid database there is no table. Isn't it means paid database is not working?

I don't want to use that free database. Please help me to find a way to inset data into my paid database not into free.

I also tried by deleting free database from heroku database console. But then it shows application error.

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You need to "promote" the database you want to use.


This will set the DATABASE_URL to the corresponding database.

More info here

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cool !!! Thanks :) – rony36 Aug 15 '13 at 10:46

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