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I am trying to store node.js express sessions on Azure caching.

We already set up a dedicated caching on a worker role following this article

Add-AzureCacheWorkerRole mycacherole

Enable-AzureMemcacheRole mywebrole mycacherole

In the sample, they use mc module

Can you help me on how to stored express session on azure cache using that module?

I also tried connect-memcached as AzureCache:

MemcachedStore = require('connect-memcached')(express);

     secret: 'CatOnTheKeyboard', 
     store: new MemcachedStore 

We got error with this trace. Is it possible to get express to store it sessions on azureCache? Thank for your help.

TypeError: Cannot call method 'reverse' of null
    at Client.connect
    at Client.memcachedCommand [as command]
    at Client.get
    at MemcachedStore.get
    at Object.session [as handle]
    at next (E:\approot\node_modules\connect\lib\proto.js:190:15)
    at Object.cookieParser [as handle]
    at next (E:\approot\node_modules\connect\lib\proto.js:190:15)
    at Object.handle
    at next (E:\approot\node_modules\connect\lib\proto.js:190:15)
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This sounds and looks like an issue with the Node.js module itself; this isn't the result of a call into the cache role afaik from this trace. Can you double-check for known issues or bugs in the memcached lib for connect-memcached? – Jeff Wilcox Sep 19 '13 at 19:51

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