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The following example works perfectly ( It's a super basic to do list with no style at all. This is my first attempt to backbone and I have built this based on a tutorial. I was told by a senior developer that perhaps I should create another view for each li so that I can attach different events if needed. So how can I build another view which relates to one that I have previously did?

I have tried something like the following but it didnt work:

        var Item = Backbone.View.extend({

            events: {
              'click span': 'deleteTask'

            deleteTask: function(evt){
                var task = $(evt.currentTarget).closest('li');


                   var item = new Item();
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You have to remember to add the views for each of the models in the calling list.

The overall architecture looks kind of like this:

| Parent List View |
|  +-----------+   |
|  | Item View |   |
|  +-----------+   |
|  +-----------+   |
|  | Item View |   |
|  +-----------+   |

The parent list view would be a container view that lists out each of the items, creating a view for each of the items.

So, your render for the parent list would look kind of like this:

     render: function () {

        // Sort and render each item, starting with a depth of zero.
            function (item) {
                var view = new ItemView({model:item});
            }, this);

        return this;

That's just the rough idea.

Check out the update to the JSFiddle for specific implementation ideas.

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that actually works very well, although I am still a bit confused about certain things but I guess it's due to the fact that I am very new to Backbone.js. Thanks you I managed to develop my first Backbone.js app ( – Alex Aug 15 '13 at 14:59

I think on what the senior developer meant was having a wrapper view, which would load other views through initialize and other functions.

So like: (Horrible psuedocode ahead)

Master View{
     initialize: make item1
                 make item2




I would comment if possible, but my ranking isn't high enough.

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