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I've created this table but the auto increment connected together doesn't work properly and if i write auto increment separated it doesn't give any error but the id still (firstTableColumns[8]) 0 and doesn't incremented

db.execSQL("create table feedFirstTable ('"+firstTableColumns[0]+"' text  primary key ,'"+firstTableColumns[1]+"' text,'"+firstTableColumns[2]+"' text,'"+firstTableColumns[3]+"' text,'"+firstTableColumns[4]+"' text ,'"+firstTableColumns[5]+"'  text  ,'"+firstTableColumns[6]+"'  text ,'"+firstTableColumns[7]+"'  text ,'"+firstTableColumns[8]+"'  long unique autoincrement  );"); 
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and I've tried without unique and it also gives error –  jaradat Aug 15 '13 at 11:59

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In SQLite, an autoincrementing columns must be declared as INTEGER PRIMARY KEY.

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must it be primary key ??couldn't it be unique? –  jaradat Aug 15 '13 at 12:59

Set your auto increment as integer. Why do you use firstTableColumns[8] as an auto increment id instead of using the primary key of the table:

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i want auto increment to count data,where the primary key differs,since it represents id of downloaded image –  jaradat Aug 15 '13 at 13:19

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