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When I run mvim from OS X's command line, it brings up the GUI version of Vim. But, when I close the GUI Vim widow (via :q), the window focus is left on the MacVim app (even though there is no open window). This quite annoying, as it means I have to then refocus to the terminal window I ran the app from so I can continue to use the command line.

This is also different from the default way it works in Windows XP and Linux (at least in Ubuntu & RHEL).

I can see maybe some hack ways of doing this - like changing the mvim script to run vim with the "-f" (foreground) option, and then running some Mac command to refocus the Terminal. Anyone have a simple way to do this?

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Yes, the simplest solution is to stay in the terminal window: $ mvim -v filename. – romainl Aug 15 '13 at 13:18

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