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How do you tokenize when you read from a file in C?


PES 2009;Konami;DVD 3;500.25; 6

Assasins Creed;Ubisoft;DVD;598.25; 3

Inferno;EA;DVD 2;650.25; 7

char *tokenPtr;

fileT = fopen("DATA2.txt", "r"); /* this will not work */
  tokenPtr = strtok(fileT, ";");
  while(tokenPtr != NULL ) {
  printf("%s\n", tokenPtr);
  tokenPtr = strtok(NULL, ";");

Would like it to print out:

PES 2009





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try this:

    FILE *f;
    char s1[200],*p;
    f = fopen("yourfile.txt", "r");
    while (fgets(s1, 200, f))

while (fgets(s1, 200, f))

    p=strtok(s1, ";\n");

        printf ("%s\n",p);


the 200 char size is just an example of course

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this will take into account also the newline at the end of each row and will handle it correctly – Ass3mbler Dec 1 '09 at 11:28

You must read the file content into a buffer, e.g. line by line using fgets or similar. Then use strtok to tokenize the buffer; read the next line, repeat until EOF.

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strtok() accepts a char * and a const char * as arguments. You're passing a FILE * and a const char * (after implicit conversion).

You need to read a string from the file and pass that string to the function.


while (fgets()) {
    /* Your program does not need to tokenize any further,
     * but you could now begin another loop */
    //do {
    //} while (strtok(NULL, ...) != NULL);
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Using strtok is a BUG. Try strpbrk(3)/strsep(3) OR strspn(3)/strcspn(3).

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